How to renew your business name

business name renewal

If your business is registered with ASIC in Australia, you can choose to renew your business name direct or with an ASIC Registered Agent like Registration Pty Ltd.

You need to renew your business name at least once every year, or every three-years. The renewal process allows you to keep your business details up to date and also helps you reduce the risk of unauthorised use of your registered business name. If you forget to renew your business name it may be cancelled by ASIC. This can cause you to lose your domain name, email address and may cause your insurance coverage to become obsolete.

This is why Registration Pty Ltd provides our business name renewal services to every Australian business who opts in to receiving our notifications as an ASIC Registered Agent.

To renew your business name, you will need to enter your Reference Number into the front of our website. If you don’t know your Reference Number, you will be given the option to renew your business name using your ABN instead.

We can renew your business name, register and renew a domain name, and even help you commence a trade mark application, but we can’t help you with other types of business registrations such as company formations.

You should complete the payment for your business name renewal as quickly as possible to ensure that your business name remains active before your next renewal date. You will need to pay a renewal fee of $99 for 1-year or $63 per year for 3-year renewals when renewing a business name. We often provide a $10 discount to renew your domain name early.

If you would like to know more about our business name renewal service or clarify our renewal fees, you can get in touch with us by emailing or phoning us on 1300 060 066 during regular business hours.

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